Video: Cleaning the Windows of Burj Khalifa

How long does it take to clean all the windows of Burj Khalifa? 3 Months! Dubai’s pride, the tallest building in the world should not only showcases its height, but should be spotless clean too. This structure consists of 24,348 widows, summing up to 120,000 sq. m. (1,290,000 sq. ft.) of glass.

In this video documentary by BBC which explains how window cleaners make the Burj clean. A group of people volunteer to experience the ‘heart-stopping’ job to cleaning the world’s highest windows. They also explain how the structure is designed to also withstand the strong wind up high.

Window Cleaning the Tallest Building in the World

Check out the clip video.

Video (c) YouTube | BBC

It’s definitely scary to be up that high! You could hear the strong wind blowing from the video. They have to fight the wind which is blowing and might affect the building as well as the window cleaners. We now know why this building is up so high and mighty not because of the strong foundation but how it looks.

Being up above and cleaning those windows is surely a risky job. Imagine if you are to drop something from that height, he explained that it could do some serious damage. They have also mentioned that wind is what you really need to worry about because it’s unpredictable unlike gravity where the force is only going downwards.

I liked how he commented at (3:03) that this enormous building, no matter how good it looks, nothing beats the personal labor of each individual. To clean that lot of windows, it takes 3 months to complete the task and they would need start all over again. That is a lot of work to do but I’m sure it’s another new experience for those who make Burj Khalifa a gleaming skyscraper.

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