Watch this Friendship between a Lion, a Tiger and a Bear

Friendship is established in many different ways. But wait till you see this video of a lion, a tiger and a bear, all living together in one are in a sanctuary! An interesting friendship between an American Black Bear named Baloo, an African Lion-Leo and a Bengal Tiger-Shere Khan.

There’s not much difference from how humans get along with other humans, this also applies to animals because we will witness how three different species get along and live in one home. How did these 3 become friends? Well, they were just cubs when they were rescued from a drug dealer in Atlanta more than a decade ago. At that time, they were just 2 months old and were raised together in Noah’s Ark a Sanctuary in Georgia.

A Sanctuary in Georgia Shows a Strong Bond between a Bear, a Lion and a Tiger

A peculiar view it is. See how they are so close to each other, one would wonder how this bond was created. It must be a hard life that they had before they were confiscated from those illegal dealers of drug, they were unhealthy and hurt. I’m glad they were able to survive that, they endured that bad treatment and now they are together and living a happy life in one place.

This trio never left each other, that’s a very strong tie, we could learn something from this big family. Look at how they comfort each other, lick each other as a sign of caring. We know the food pyramid, the ecosystem or the circle of life, but to them they see each other as companions. Set aside the differences and they can live a happy life together.

What do you think? Cats and Dogs are not the only common animal friendships that we see nowadays, there’s even Monkeys and Birds. So release that friendly energy and affect the people around you.

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