Hi there, web lurker. Welcome to Dubai Viral! dubai-viralWe want to share good stories and viral content in Dubai and the rest of the internet.

Dubai is one of the seven emirates of the UAE (United Arab Emirates). Although it is not the capital of the UAE, it is such a mega city and we want to showcase what it has to offer to create a fun portal for readers.

We want you to be entertained by our posts and get an idea what to expect when you come to this desert city. That it’s not actually all hot sand and camels. There’s more to experience here than you might think.

Dubai is poised to become a premier city in the world and with so many advancements, we want to spread the news in creating a great impression to the world of what this Emirate has.

Please come back from time to time as we update this page and produce more valuable content for your fun and entertainment. Enjoy reading!

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