Meet the Man who Plays Street Fighter using his Mouth

Street Fighter video game might have been part of our life, but with this man named Broly Legs who is handicapped, it’s everything for him. This is an inspiring video which shows us that being disabled does not stop you from doing what you want. We will witness how Broly achieved his dreams and how he is acknoweldged by the society of gamers. He gets the encouragement through his friends because they usually underestimate his skills. Instead of feeling depressed or demotivated, he worked hard to work around his disability. We can learn a thing or two from this man who can only do much.

This is really amazing as I’m a gamer myself. I’ve played Street Fighter IV using a PC, with a joystick and with an arcade machine. I’ve never beaten the game with the easy-controlling characters like Ryu and Ken, those two are like basics. He’s using Chun-Li! Her moves are difficult to establish, the timing and how to chain combos. But look at how Broly managed to utilize the character so easily using his mouth. That’s something to brag about. Check out the video below.

It’s very inspiring, how one can learn from simple video game, you could manifest your own skills. Like how to read people’s mind, he explained at 3:39 how to counter your competitor, he said it took time to understand the opponent’s movements and read patterns and decide what kind of move he inputs using the controller. As time passed, he’s able to project the character as himself.

Dreams have come true for Broly, he is able to visit places where tournaments are held, it is the only reason for him to travel, he gets to meet more people. He has dominated and has shown to them that nothing can stop his passion of playing this game. In the online Ultra Street Fighter 4, he’s currently ranked #1 for Chun-Li.

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