6 Tips: How to Get a Job in Dubai

Dubai has recently become a huge trading hub which provides a lot of job opportunities with a good salary, free tax (so far), and a lot of entertainment. Below we are sharing some tips on how you can get a job in Dubai.

Please keep these tips in mind and let the information serve as your guide. We may not be able to guarantee that you will get a job right away, but what we can say is that following these guidelines will help you gain more chances for employment.

how to get a job in dubai

Job-Hunting Tips in Dubai

There are so many people looking for jobs in Dubai. To add, even those who already have jobs, are still searching for ‘better’ opportunities. It is important that you keep yourself updated with the trends as well as stay connected to your network. Here are some important tips to help you land a job.

1. Create a Good CV (Throw in a Cover Letter)

CV stands for Curriculum Vitae, it’s a brief report on you. You should create a good CV as it’s your first chance to make a good impression at your client, also it boosts your chance to get the job. CV should contain your information, education, work experience, skills, interests, and you can increase its content based on the job requirement. Keep the CV simple and neat. Nobody wants to read a badly-presented paper. Also, include a personalized cover letter when you submit your application. It’s good to make the reader aware of who you are based on that letter.

2. Build Your Social Media Profile

It’s recommended to have a good online profile and be active on the working groups and platforms like Linkedin, the most popular hiring website, you can also leverage social media, as you can show your potential employers how you are dealing outside the work. It’s important to complete your profile, as employers want ready info on hand. Having a visible online presence of your skills and accomplishments really distinguishes yourself from the rest of the applicants.

3. Understand Market Needs

It’s so important to do research before searching for a job, to know which skills they required and which sector in highly demand. Researching will help you to minimize your exert efforts to find a suitable job, it will also sort out companies and figure out which to target. There are many websites satisfy this requirement like Bayt, dubizzle, and totaljobs so you can search for these job marketplaces.

4. Build a Network

You can find many jobs through networking, so try to increase your connections by attending events for an example, and try to be friendly with new people, and don’t focus only in your niche, as it’s possible that you can get a job from another connecting niche. There’s an old saying that sometimes works “It’s not what you know, It’s who you know.”

5. Work on Yourself 

You should know well what is your strength points and weakness points and work on weakness, also try to learn new skills which are required. Learn to keep developing your skills even if you already have a job. Get a driving license, brush up on your MSOffice skills and keep improving yourself.

Also, when you receive a job offer, try to consider the cost of living in Dubai. Better to understand your monthly expenses first so you can price yourself better and not sell yourself short to companies who need your skills.

6. Don’t Be Desperate

Although there are many job opportunities in Dubai and it has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world, it not that easy to find a job if you get desperate quickly.

You should follow up job offers, in platforms and social media, and apply for many jobs as you can.

Do you have some tips to share? Do let us know so we can also help others. Good luck in the job hunting process!

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