Man Pets an Anaconda in a Kitchen, Regrets It Right Away

We wrote about a man poking a sleeping anaconda in a swamp, this time, another guy tried to pet one in a kitchen, and immediately regrets it. The video seems to show a guy daring himself to touch the snake and see how it would react. The snake looked huge and was resting, it seemed like it just had a heavy meal. Snakes usually just go in one area after completing a meal so this guy thought it was a ‘fun’ idea to disturb it.

Man Touches Giant Snake

Check out the short clip below. Hear the guy’s laughter and see for yourself if he’s crazy.

Maybe it’s his pet or not. I would be running away from that giant anaconda if I were in his place! It’ was shocking the way the anaconda attacked in defense. They may not be poisonous, but still it’s stupid to just do it out of fun.

I personally admire the guy’s daring act to pet the snake but I’d definitely leave it alone to rest.

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