Hyperloop Transport Soon – Dubai to Abu Dhabi in 12 Minutes

The future is coming, and this time it’s in hyper speed. You have to see this exclusive teaser from the team from BIG. Blink and you’ll miss it, the Hyperloop transportation system is opening all sorts of doors for residents in the UAE. If you work in the city and dream of stunning seascapes and forests, it will become a reality soon.

BIG, the Danish firm, plans to make their innovative vision come alive within a few years. The Hyperloop aims to make the 150 kilometre journey between Dubai and Abu Dhabi as short as possible, 12 minutes to be exact. The city’s flexibility with change welcomes new innovations to colour the landscape and help out citizens without a hitch.

Hyperloop Transportation in UAE

Here’s a peek at what you can expect from this innovative transport system that’s going to be built in the sandy desert of the United Arab Emirates.

Dubai is one of the leading faces of growth and innovation. Welcoming this new transportation system without nearly a problem is easily done in the emirates. What sounds like a scifi movie could be the city’s newest development in the near future. Closer to reality than a blockbuster, the firm claims to not need any new tech for the construction and merely needs time for the actual construction which is an estimate of five years. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of the idea but it is the first actual execution of it.

The normally two hour journey from Dubai to Abu Dhabi is compressed to mere minutes thanks to smart design and architecture. Exploring the emirates will be easier for both locals and foreigners. Is the world ready to embrace this futuristic super-fast system? We could be looking at the start of 100’s of Hyperloop travelling systems making the world more connected and intertwined.

Find out more in this teaser video with Jakob Lange, partner from BIG, who’s coming up with big ideas for the Emirates.

Who knows what the limit could be, it can expand to international destinations. It’s truly amazing how there is no limit on technological advancement. Changing the world is an opportunity for anyone to take if they choose to do so.

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