This Has Got to Be the Best Timelapse Video of Dubai

We’re not kidding with the title. We’ve seen a few videos featuring various attractions, skyscrapers and places in Dubai, but this one still gives us the chills whenever we play it again. This is a timelapse video by Artem Pryadko (check his vimeo account here: zweizwei) in 2013 and one cannot deny the talent and skill that was done in making such a clip.

The timelapse (and hyperlapse) highlights both Old and New Dubai from day and night. We can see Burj Khalifa, the twisted Cayenne Tower, Dubai Marina, Dubai Creek, Financial District, Sheikh Zayed Road, Baniyas Square, etc. We could also see people going about their day-to-day activities.

Dubai Timelapse Video by Artem Pryadko

Check the clip to see this amazing timelapse video by Artem Pryadko. Don’t forget to watch in HD!

Watching an overview of what Dubai is really breathtaking. Imagine the great tourist spots, big structures and attractions, it would be worth it to visit a growing city like this! I’m sure that the daily lives of each individual here are promising that they can show us something and even boast about it too.

The initial thought of Dubai as a desert city full of sand is completely blown away when we look at this clip. Witnessing this video will change your prospect of how progressive this city can be.

So, do you want to travel the world and visit great places? Put Dubai in your list and I’m sure that it would be a memorable experience for you.

Do you know of other videos such as this? Comment below and we might feature it on this site as well.

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