NASA shows Astronauts get Scared when they Heard a Creepy Sound

We are happy to know that NASA is kind enough to show us their discoveries. They released a video footage where astronouts heard strange music on the moon. This video was from 4 decades ago when Apollo 10 took it’s journey to space. After going to the dark side of the moon, they heard the music and the astronauts were starting to freak out saying that it is “outer-spacey” or “outer-space-type music”.

I had my headphones on and hearing that music gives me the goosebumps! It’s nice to have astronauts who’re willing to explore and find something beneficial to us. These discoveries might help us in the future. The sound may be just a part of something big, we wouldn’t know. Even NASA took their time decoding their transcript of records to unveil this new finding.

NASA Space Team Hears Creepy Sound from the Moon

What really creeped me out is that they had to voyage to the other side of the moon where there is no signal and no contact to Earth. Imagine what could happen at that hour.. they have no support. We’d be wondering how that strange sound came to place, what could have triggered it or why it echoed there. Could it have been some new kind of species? You might think that it’s a warning, that we have overstepped our boundaries. I could not assume what this scary audio would be than an engine malfunctioning in their spaceship.

What are your thoughts? The sound maybe familiar, you might wonder it’s just the engine making a noise, a ventilation malfunction, an astronaut who dozed off when on their duty or any other possibilities. But would you include a possibility-like an extraterrestrial. That melody might be a way to communicate with us, reaching out to us. Those are just my theories, but I hope NASA can give us answers to these unexplained events.

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