Base Jumper Dives Into a Blanket of Clouds in Dubai Marina

Check out this daredevil jumping from a Dubai skyscraper and into a blanket of clouds. This extreme stunt was performed in Dubai Marina on an early morning and the clouds should give you an idea how tall the building is.

We have featured many insane, mad and silly daredevils that execute stunts like this in Dubai and this is still something worth watching. Seeing someone free fall into a fog of clouds without knowing what awaits him down below adds more risk to the sport.


Extreme Base Jumping in Dubai Marina (Sulafa Tower)

Dubai has been attracting many people who love to perform life-threatening exhibitions. We’ve seen many videos gone viral from this place, it is indeed a playground for these wild acrobats. This video shows a base jumper who dived from one of the towers in Dubai.


News media outlets mentioned that the jump done in Dubai Marina’s Sulafa Tower or somewhere near the Sulafa Tower. Check out how he did in this Dubai Marina BASE jump video below:

Video (c) YouTube | Negative4 Productions

He demonstrated a firm willpower to leap and go through the foggy clouds.  He was so determined in performing that stunt. I squinted my eyes because I was worried that something might happen, I could not see anything with that thick haze. I’m sure you’re also thinking “what if he might crash into a building?” or “will he land unhurt?”. However, everything was fine. He landed safely and at the end of the clip, we could see that he’s happy.


So, are you crazy enough to jump with no clear vision of the view down below? Or crazy enough to jump and prove that you have guts to show off? It’s a matter of how you set your mind to that challenge, I wouldn’t if you ask me, it is just too risky.

This video was uploaded by Negative4 Productions which specializes in creating videos of extreme sports such as proximity flying and BASE jumping.


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