Common Mistakes Everyone Does to get Job in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most favorable environments to work in. With its lifestyle, offered opportunities, and many attractions like tax-free living. Finding a job in Dubai is a dream to anyone as it is considered to be the most comfortable place in the Gulf Area plus the rapid growth in the economy over the pas decades and still increasing.

But getting a job isn’t that easy due to the common mistakes that any job seeker should avoid, so we are showing a list of mistakes to avoid and increase the chance of getting a job.

1- Choose a Wrong Time

One of the common mistakes that can waste your efforts in vain is choosing the wrong month to apply for jobs in Dubai, which is to be an Islamic country so you should avoid to come in the month of Ramadan. The best time to search for a job is at the start, middle, end of the year.

2- Incomplete CV 

Another mistake here is applying with a poor CV which reduces your probability to take the job. Any company is receiving tons of CV so the first impression is very important. CV should contain information about you and your education, skills, work experience, interests, and you can increase its content based on the job requirement.

3- Apply Online Only

Applying to random websites and just sending your CV is another mistake that we always notice as most of those ads aren’t posted by the company itself.

4- Ignoring Market Needs 

Researching will help you to minimize your exert efforts to find a suitable job so it’s so important to do research about market and which are the targeted companies before applying carelessly to know which skills they required and which sector in highly demand. Build your own strategy as it can give you better insight of market in general.

5- Applying with one CV

Make one CV and think it works with all companies and job positions is a serious problem. You should customize CV and make it suitable for the targeted job as not all jobs requirements are the same.

6- Shortage of Networking 

You can find many jobs through networking, so try to increase your connections and be friendly with people, and don’t focus only in your niche, as it’s possible that you can get a job from another connecting niche.

7- Become a Victim of Failure

Don’t desperate when you don’t get an interview call. You should follow up job offers, in platforms and social media, and apply for many jobs as you can.


If you have any tips to share, please let us know.


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