Here’s What You Get with a 21,000 USD First-Class Seat from Emirates

One lucky traveler was able to experience the best that Emirates has to offer for free. Casey Neistat, Youtube vlogger, reveals what’s behind sliding doors in Emirates first-class seats. The vlogger received a free upgrade on his flight from Dubai to NYC. The lowest price to a similar flight would have been around $21,635.30. 

Talking to his audience, Casey compares this day as one of the greatest. The day was on par with the birth of his children. In awe of amenities, he documented every aspect of his 14-hour flight, from a motorized mini bar to the in-flight shower and more. You’re in for a ride and you’re getting more than a bag of peanuts.

Video: Emirates First Class Flight Experience by Youtuber Casey Neistat

(c) YouTube | CaseyNeistat

Nowadays, a natural hostility to airlines is expected. There are too many things that can go wrong when travelling. From flight delays to strict policies, passengers are wary of travelling. This can completely deter people away from travelling altogether. Youtuber Casey Neistat shows a different side to things. With privacy, a shower, and no meal time, you seem to get a first-class hotel room than a flight. The legroom isn’t the only difference to business class. Passing time won’t be a problem with a huge flat screen TV at the comfort of your private cabin. Food is the opposite of anything you expect.

Unlike normal flights, there is no designated meal time. You can order off a menu of caviar anytime of the day. Drinks are right beside your seat neatly displayed in the mini bar. Flight attends are also apt to assist with services like making your bed at night. He states at the end that when we take out the painful parts of travelling, it creates a whole new experience and changes your relationship with travel.

Are all these amenities actually worth $21,000? What is essential for a painless and enjoyable flight? While the privacy and legroom would be welcomed by all, the caviar and champagne might seem excessive to some. One thing is for sure, there’s nothing like a shower thousand of miles above the ground.

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