Honesty Test: See How Dubai Residents React to a Man Dropping a Wallet

Would you steal in Dubai? Here’s a social experiment made by Trollstation where a man in a suit intentionally drops a wallet on the street and showcases how residents react to it. The objective of this video is to show the world how every person in this city responds to the wallet drop test. How honest is Dubai?

As shown at the end of the clip, it took 45 times to drop the wallet and each person returned them without second thoughts. At (0:32, 1:32 and 1:53), the man in the suit says that no one would do this if they were in another country. Great job Dubai, for displaying honesty!

How Honest are Dubai Residents? Check out the video below:

If I lose something valuable to me, I’d be very upset. I’d even be cursing, thinking someone might have stolen it. But as you see in the presentation, there are times when you are careless, someone will be there to help you.

The part that I want to highlight on this video is when he got his wallet and offered to give money at (2:00), the people in Dubai refused and said “no problem”. How does that look to you? I’m positive you’d appreciate the nature of living in a city like this! Feeling relieved and with no obligation to repay any action done to you.

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  • Reply Sharmila Miranda March 28, 2016 at 9:08 am

    How I wish our Indian politicians were truthful.God bless each of them who returned the piece. Keeping the rules of Dubai

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