World’s Fastest Police Cars: Only in Dubai

Dubai Police Cars. You gotta love them. The popular emirate of the UAE is known to have the best stuff in the world, and this includes the supercars that police enforcers drive in the city. Lamborhinis, Bugattis, Ferrari, Mercedesm Maclaren, Aston Martin, Bentley, Audi, etc. you can expect these fleet of super cars parading the city.

The guys from Vocativ shares this video featuring the world’s fastest police cars. Their recent add-on is the Bugatti Veyron which cost 1.6 million dollars. The fleet’s purpose is to attract tourists and is also meant to connect with the citizens and tourists. This is one of their tools to market the Dubai Police services, to remove the barrier between the police and the community.

This is a great video that shows how Dubai Police are bridging themselves to the residents and create a more approachable appearance. Dubai makes sure that they maintain the security of the people living in the city, it’s something they want to show and to brag about.

Dubai Super Police Cars

Watch the world’s super police cars only in Dubai here.

It’s funny when one of the officers was interviewed at (2:57) he commented that people usually get scared when they see a policeman, but with a luxurious car like that, it makes them more approachable. People tend to ask to get a photograph with them and post it on social media.

This clip also shows the comments or experiences of the people living in Dubai. Some say that state that they see the advertisement in Facebook or Twitter and wanted to take the chance to see these cars up-close, if I am living in this great city, I’d be happy to go near one of these cars and maybe ask for a ride to my home! Would you dare and ask a friendly policeman to take you on a joyride within the city? I’m sure you’d be one of the luckiest person if they say yes!

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