DEWA HQ to be World’s Smartest Zero Energy Building

The newest sail shaped building coming to Dubai is breaking boundaries in both design and innovation. Dubai Electricity and Water Authority’s (DEWA) latest construction of a new headquarters is the smartest building that powers itself. The new building, named Al-Sheraa which is Arabic for sail, aims to be the largest, tallest and smartest net Zero Energy Building (ZEB) in the world.

The smart building is set to cover over a million square feet with an additional 200,000 square feet of land in the heart of the Cultural Village in Al Jadaf. With the iconic sail design, this achievement displays Dubai as a role model in leading the wave of innovation and sustainability for the future. It’s hard to believe these advancements aren’t from a sci-fi film but reality.

The World’s Smartest Building is Also Dubai’s Next Sail Structure

The Al-Sheera doesn’t sacrifice form over function with the sail design optimizing shade and reduce heat around the courtyard areas to reduce energy consumption. Ambitiously, it aims to be a Zero Energy Building by not using more energy than it produces on site during the year. It also is targeted to use 50% less water than other buildings. This sets the bar for self-sustaining structures.

Here’s a video clip of the new DEWA head office to be located in Al Jadaf.

The “smart” in “smart building” comes in with the latest tech. This includes: Big Data, Open Data, Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence. Not impressive enough? Robots will also be used for cleaning and security services. A handy smart app also helps employees by alerting them on the time they should leave for home based on the current traffic data. Even leaving the building is made efficient.

The inspiration for this building is surprisingly simple. Traditional houses in the emirates is the root to the architecture of an enclosed space overlooking a courtyard. The seemingly best feature yet? A parking facility that accommodates up to 1,500 cars. DEWA plans to complete it by 2019. It doesn’t seem a long time away to develop this state of technology. What do you think is next in store for Dubai’s development?

If we can’t have flying cars in 2019, eco-friendly buildings are the next best thing for us and the planet.

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