12 Funny Memes about the Dubai Summer Heat

Summer season in Dubai can get extremely hot wherein there’s an average temperature of 40 degrees Celsius, without even including the humidity levels reaching as much as 40%. Aside from this, the skies in Dubai are most of the time, cloudless, so you it’s difficult to find a shade when outdoors. From the beginning of May to the end of October, it only rained twice. In other words, Dubai’s summers are no joke.

But people get used to this climate. Others tend to use the summer season as their holiday and go home or travel for a vacation. But for the rest of us who are stuck in these summer months, we don’t really have much choice but to embrace it.

Dubai Memes During Summer Season

Fortunately, plenty of residents have a great sense of humor and just try to make light of the situation — evidenced by these hilarious memes. Here are 12 funny memes that sum up the summer heat of Dubai

1. New Diagram from NASA dubai middle of sun and earth

2. “It’s not THAT hot outside.”

dubai burnt photo

3. Looks like we’ll be staying in today.

two face dubai heat

4. So hot this little guy is melting — no wait, that’s just my heart

summer dog dubai

5. Truly heart-breaking news

johnny depp dubai meme

6. A Song of Fire and Sand

winter is coming dubai summer

7. Groundbreaking technological developments

dubai summer hot driving wheel

8. No oven? No problem.

dubai cooking cookies

9. Does it make a difference?

sweating dubai

10. Better than any other feeling

air conditioning dubai

11. Hope you don’t have a perm

humid dubai

12. Just another day in Dubai

summer melting dubai


While the heat may be something that everybody has to endure, a lot of residents of Dubai still prefer to live in this city. It’s only a few months of summer heat and the rest of the months are bearable and good.

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