Brave Grandma Bungy Jumps from a 43-Meter Bridge in New Zealand

This brave grandma did not hesitate to bungy jump from a bridge in New Zealand. Mary Manssen is 91 years old and plunged off a 43-meter height from Queenstown’s Kawarau Bridge. Seems like a crazy idea especially when people of her age are generally regarded to just stay at home and avoid any extreme physical activity.

This grandmother was bungee jumping and didn’t show any signs of being scared. I would be having second thoughts if I were to do something like this, especially from this height. It’s already freaking me out just looking down from above! Lovely view if  you watch it for yourself. Check out her jump in the clip below.

Watch the video here:

It seems surprising that she did it flawlessly, as if, she’s done it a lot of times.  True enough, based on a brief interview, she mentions that this is her 2nd time and she’s planning to do more!

Mary is an inspiration to plenty of people who want to try this extreme sport or to do other adventures while you’re still able to do them. This didn’t stop this 91 year old from doing something crazy. So guys, whatever fears you have, take the chance, never regret! Of course, stay safe!

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