Check Out How this Guy Reacts When He’s Going to be Grandfather

Having a new member in the family will be overwhelming for parents, but how would your mom and dad feel if they will soon be grandparents? This is a short clip showing us the reaction of a father being surprised by the couple who is going to have a baby soon. The couple gave a customized teddy bear as a gift for his birthday, pressing the heart will give a heartbeat and pressing the hand will play a recorded message. But that’s not our focus here, we’re witnessing how this soon to be grandfather expressed his feeling after he heard the message.

Their father was so happy to receive a gift like that, it had buttons he could press and responded. At first, he did not bother what the message was, probably because he felt weird checking the heartbeat. But after he was asked to replay the message he smiled, then froze… not sure what was going on but he’s definitely surprised. The way I looked at it, he was waiting for some cue or some clues to see if this was a prank or not. Lucky for him, it was not a prank it was good news.

Pregnancy Announcement: Grandfather’s Reaction

Check out the clip below:

Video (c) YouTube | Sean Sullivan

The greatest part was how he reacted to the announcement of the couple. He smiled and his eyes were so wide open! I’m sure I’d feel the same way he did if I was on his position, won’t you too? The moment that he now knows that his going to be a grandfather could be the best thing that’s happened to him.

It would be nice to feel the same way he did, you couldn’t tell if that was crying or smiling, I guess you can do both, those must be tears of joy, must be pretty exciting for him, especially how he grasped the bear tightly at (1:26). I could imagine that he’s thinking of how he would spend the time with the baby. I’m sure that he can’t wait for his grandchild to come out to this world.

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