Man-made Bow, Arrows and Quiver from Natural Resources

This guy teaches us how to make a bow and a quiver with arrows just using nature. He first made the bow from a small tree, next were the arrows from a tough smaller tree and lastly a quiver to stock the arrows. After these things were produced, he then tested the invention he’s made and the results were great.

Each scene shown in this video looked easy and simple, one would assume he/she could also do it, but I’m sure it’s easier said than done. It’s amazing how he was able to shape the bow from just carving it with a rock. The arrows were properly skinned using a sharp-edge rock, I could hardly peel a potato with a knife. I suppose, the easiest part would be making the quiver, but those strings are surely difficult to create. You need some skills in braiding for that.

Making a Bow and Arrow from Scratch

Video (c) YouTube | Primitive Technology

I’m really dumbfounded of how he’s able to produce these items, those were basically from a tree, but he was able to pull it off in making this ancient weapon. It looked cool though, a bow and arrow on your hands and packed with a quiver strapped around your body. I’d love to have one like that and try shooting at targets or maybe hunt. I’m sure you’d be interested in archery because of this.

After he tried these out, it proved some firepower, I mean did you check at (4:20) it looked like he had a hard time picking them out. The arrows don’t have any sharp stone as the head but it sure pierced the trunk he’s been targeting. My takeaway for this video is that you can make use of the environment around you, just be wise in what kind of materials are needed for a certain component. So how would you utilize our natural environment?

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