How to Apply for an Employment Visa in UAE

As Dubai rushes quickly to the peak with its comprehensive development plans in all sectors, It’s quite expected that the demand for labor will be increased, giving the opportunity for more expats to enter Dubai. It has already long been a common thought that the UAE is welcoming to expats with 80% of its resident population being foreigners all finding employment in this Middle East region.

Dubai provides thousands job offers every year and to claim one of those you should have a residence visa. Most of those who are living here are workers who have processed such visa through their company employers. Here’s a guide how to apply for a work permit in Dubai.

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uae employment visa application

Guide to Getting a Dubai Work Permit: UAE Employment Visa Process

Dubai, is one of the seven emirates which forms the UAE. Applying for a Visa to one emirate is like applying to the whole country. You won’t have the right in buying, renting, or working in Dubai if you don’t have a Residence Visa, which makes you eligible to stay in the UAE for up to three years (depending on your category). As an employee, to get UAE residence visa, you are only required to supply the employer with necessary documents and he has to handle the rest.

Despite being English as a common language of communication for expats, Arabic is still the native official language, so all documents should be written in Arabic including the employment contract. There will be a three copies of the contract: one for the employer, and one for the employee, while the remaining will be for the Ministry of Labour.

Requirements for Dubai Work Visa Permit

Again, it is your employer who will process the application for you. But you will need to coordinate with them so applying for the visa is smooth.

  • Filled-Out Application Form (Done at a Typing Center)
  • Application fee (by employer)
  • Original and copy of the your passport.
  • Your passport should be valid for 6 months or more
  • Valid commercial license of the company you are going to work in (
  • Valid company card (provided by employer)
  • Valid health certificate (you will process this)
  • Entry permit by the Ministry of Labour

To get the work Visa in Dubai, you should firstly have an entry permit to UAE so that it can be converted to the 3-year visa which will be stamped in the passport. Below are some more terms and procedures.

1. Approval from Ministry of Labour
Your employer will process the entry permit and you will have to wait for approval from the Ministry of Labour and Immigration.

2. Entry Permit
The Ministry of Labour provides the Entry Permit Visa “Pink Visa”, which allows the applicant to enter the country, and it lasts for two months.

3. Emirates ID
With the passport and the Labor ID you can process to get the Emirates ID.

4. Medical Test
Apply for your Permanent Residence Visa at the immigration authorities. In order that you should pass the medical test or you can pass in your country before travel.

5. Labour Card
The employer will start process to get the Labor ID which lasts for two years. You should put into your consideration that you have only 60 days to complete the Permanent Resident Visa.

6. Get Your Passport Stamped
After the medical test go to Department of Naturalization and Residency Dubai (DNRD) with all your documents to get your passport stamped.

How long does it take to get a work permit? The process usually takes around 2-3 weeks to be completed if all your documents are valid.

We hope you find this guide useful to help you apply for a work visa to legally work in Dubai. This serves as a general tip so you understand the steps that your company will undergo when filing your permit.

Please also make sure that you DO NOT work while on a tourist visa as it is illegal. Make sure you start your duty when you already have that employment visa. Good luck!

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