Watch: Arabs and their Exotic Pets

In Dubai, there are those who have more than cats/dogs/birds as pets. Here is such a case where you can see this Arab playing with wild animals and keeping them as pets which is totally extra-ordinary.

There’s plenty of memes about Dubai and Arabs keeping exotic pets. That it’s normal to see pictures of Arabs with many wild animals like cheetahs, tiger, lions, snakes, and so on while driving or going out.

While we don’t find many of that here in the present times (or that not many residents brag about this as much), doing a search online and even just on YouTube, you can see some enthusiasts who take pride in taking care of these wild animals.

Below is a video that showcases such instance.

It has been reported that a person was going out with five tigers near the iconic hotel of Dubai – Burj Khalifa, and it was filmed. We will look for that video and share it here with you guys.

Just to share as well an update about keeping wild pets, the UAE banned the private ownership of wild animals, and anyone who will break this rule will face jail time for up to six months and a fine of up to Dh 500,000 ($136,000).

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