Watch: Fun Flyboarding Stunts by XDubai

Check out these XDubai flyboarders having fun in various water spots in Dubai. From the Dubai Marina, Dubai Creek, to the Open beaches, it shows the beauty of Dubai and how cool flyboarding can be. The music makes you want to join in the fun and play.

For most people, when it gets too hot they lock themselves inside and blast the AC — or take a dip in the pool. Here in Dubai, we stay cool by riding powerful water jets that launch you up to 50 feet in the air.

As the thrill-seeking members of XDubai demonstrate in the featured video — you can soar above the waves, or even dive below with the help of your very own Flyboard.

Image Screenshot (c) YouTube | XDubai

With a Flyboard, you can twirl, flip and soar through the air with maneuverability that rivals a

Dubai Flyboarders Show You How Fun it is in Dubai

Developed in 2012 by a French watercraft enthusiast — distributor Zapata has sold over 2500 units since it’s release in China during that year’s jet ski World Championship. In addition to being securely strapped into the Flyboard’s bindings, riders must wear a helmet — to prevent injuries from accidental collisions as well as to protect your ears from pressure-related damage or discomfort. Designed to be buoyant, riders can catch their breath without getting off their device.

bird’s. As you can see in the video, it can be a group activity — with one person on the Flyboard and the other navigating the personal water craft (PWC) it’s attached to; or with the Wireless EMK — a handheld remote device that controls the PWC — you can control your jet ski alone while you’re airborne.

The Flyboard offers increased customizability to more experienced riders — including the ability to rotate the board on its axis and nozzles that allow for more powerful propulsion. The most advanced Flyboards enable you to spiral and loop through the air as it propels you high above the water’s surface.

Image Screenshot (c) YouTube | XDubai

All in all, Flyboarding is a thrilling, unique experience — definitely a must-try for anyone in Dubai, tourists and residents alike. Not only is it a great way to beat the heat, the feeling of flying through the air on what is essentially an aquatic jetpack is something I’d love to try first-hand.

Image Screenshot (c) YouTube | XDubai

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