10 Things to Know Before Coming to Dubai for Work

Dubai is one of the most favorable environments to work in. With its advanced lifestyle, huge offered opportunities, attractions, entertainment, tax-free living, and the rapidly grown economic over the past 30 years, that keeps growing with an exponential rate.

All Dubai’s features has made it the most comfortable place in the Gulf Area to work in. Unlike most of the Gulf’s countries, Dubai doesn’t want to just depend on oil, that’s why there’s a huge diversification in projects and the economy to provide other venues for income.

Things to Know about Employment in Dubai

If you have plans to come and work in Dubai, it is important that you learn how it works in the emirate. Please check out some of these terms and guidelines on what you should know before coming to Dubai for employment.

1. Visa and Passport

It’s required to have a valid Passport and working Visa for a minimum of 3 months, The employer will handle the working permit, you will just required to give him full documents.
If you get the right to work full-time, your spouse will easily gain a permit for a part-time job.

2. Currency

Dubai is one of the UAE’s seven emirates, and the currency of UAE is AED (Arab Emirate Dirham) which contains 100 fils. According to XE Currency, 1 USD = 3.67465 AED.

3. Office hours

Working hours in Dubai are nine hours per day, 47 hours per week, office hours are usually from 8.30 or 9.00 am to 5.30 or 6.00 pm.

4. Salary

According to Numbeo, Four-person family monthly costs: 11,532.84AED without rent.


5. Vacation

Friday is the main rest day for Muslims, so many companies give Friday and Saturday off, also you have 30 calendar days of leave per year.

6. Language

It’s a must to have a good communication in English as it’s the dominant language here, but it’s a huge feature to know Arabic as well.

7. Tax

There’s no income tax in Dubai, that’s why it’s a huge turnout to have a work opportunity here. However, there are plans to add Value Added Taxes on certain items and commodities in the future. Be prepared.

8. Transportation

There’s many good services are provided to the citizen here, Dubai RTA bus in Dubai has plenty of routes available choice, Also the Dubai Metro makes it much easier for an expat to commute in and out of various districts in the city. It’s cheaper than hiring a taxi!

9. Safety

Is Dubai safe? According to Numbeo, Dubai has a very low crime index, which puts Dubai in 279th place of 288 cities in term of crime.

10. Dubai’s population

Dubai, has fewer than 15 percent of Dubai’s population are native Emiratis, while the majority are expats with numerous religions, cultures and languages


We hope the article helps to summarize what are the things you should be aware of before coming to this emirate. It’s good to brush up on these terms so that you won’t get ignorant when you arrive in this amazing city. Good luck when applying for jobs and make sure to be mindful of these tips!

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