Inside the Luxurious Burj Al Arab Hotel

Burj Al Arab Hotel is an iconic structure that helps give an idea about what you can expect from Dubai. This is a property run by Jumeirah hotels and is in the shape of a ship’s sail. Rumors have circulated that this is a 7-star hotel, but after some research, it’s not really a hotel with this actual rating. The name just stuck even if the hotel doesn’t label themselves a 7-star class. But one cannot deny how fancy and luxurious it is. You should check out the prices from their website!

If you’re not yet sure yet what to expect, here’s a quick tour of the Burj Al Arab for you to get a better idea of their facilities and services.

Dubai’s developments never cease to impress us, they take their pride of these biggest and tallest descriptions. To summarize this video, it shows us a world-class experience, from the hospitality of the hotel clerks to giving the needs of their guests.

This hotel is managed by Jumeirah Group, it is located on an artificial island near Jumeirah beach. They take pride in bringing the best service you can get for staying in this “7 star hotel”. On every floor, there are reception desks, every suite give us Jacuzzis, a Rolls-Royce fleet and fantastic food with a butler to serve you.

Tour Inside Burj Al Arab

Play the video and check out the features of this luxurious hotel in Dubai!

Having seen the interior of this hotel gives us a pleasant feeling, just having a quick look at every aspect of this video gives us what we want. To stay at this elegant hotel would surely be worth it, the massage, the pool, the world-class restaurants and bar, not to mention- a Rolls Royce fleet, where you can have a chauffeur to drive you around or even choose to personally drive and pick one of their expensive fast vehicles. This excitement will lead you to a royalty experience.

The best you can get from staying in this hotel is having your own personal butler, see how they are always prepared to be of service. They made sure that everything is laid out in advance, they don’t expect you to choose at the last second. I’m happy that even a chef can provide what you wanted, just like at (4:52), he searched in their kitchen and made sure that the little girl’s cravings is satisfied.

I’m sure you’d consider getting a reservation when you have the chance to visit Dubai, that is if you have the budget and you want the experience. And when you do, make sure that you add the helicopter airport transfer service, you’ll get a bird’s eye-view of Dubai!

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