This is How they Service Ice Cream in Dubai

Ice cream has always been favorite dessert. Children, adults and even the elderly love eating this wonderful frozen delight. It is best to eat ice cream especially if you want to beat the hot temperatures of Dubai. This clip we’re about to watch advertises an ice cream parlor chain named Cold Stone Creamery.

The staff in this ice cream parlor tosses the ice cream in the air before serving it to their customers! Something fun and new to watch especially if it’s your first time in this emirate. Check out the clip below:

Serving Ice Cream in Dubai

Video (c) YouTube | Cooking with Thas

It’s amazing how the scoop of ice cream is being tossed upwards and being passed to another staff to catch. The funny part is you get to join the performance, I’m sure I’d skip a beat if I tried catching that ball of frozen dessert. In the video at (1:00) the lady barely caught it with both hands, she did not think the worker was going to pass it to her. Although, the fellow crew was kind to ask if it fell to the ground, I know they’ll replace it.

“Don’t play with food”, that’s what my mom would say in my younger days when in front of a dining table. We have different cultures, different superstition beliefs and etc… but I know this is not playing, I’m positive that they just “mix” it with some add-ons like chips, marshmallows, nuts and etc., they just prepared it through juggling and tossing it around. Maybe it’s one way to entertain consumers, it’s quite amusing how they execute it with no worries.


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