Toddler’s First Few Steps with Her New Prosthetic Leg

This video clip is about a baby girl who just made her first steps with a new prosthetic leg. The information about this toddler has not been posted online as well as why her left leg was severed. But this is a heartwarming experience to witness this girl practice walking with her new leg.

This might be something you might enjoy watching. Sometimes we take things for granted and this clip will surely teach us to be thankful for what we have. See the video below:

Toddler Learns to Walk with Prosthetic Leg

Video (c) YouTube | DirtyPolitics

It’s very touching to watch the video! She’s so cheerful that she’s able to walk. There’s a saying “No words can express my feeling”, I’m just saying because I’m happy for her. We don’t understand what kind of words are coming out of her mouth (she’s still a baby), but we can certainly tell that she’s very happy. And I’m also thankful for the people who find ways for the disabled. In this case- she’s able to experience walking.

In the video at (0:30), she fell down, but her father in the video is encouraging her not to give up, to stand up and try walking again. We could also learn something from her… bravery! This is a very inspiring video for me, don’t you agree? She just stood up and tried her second time to walk, failure is necessary to success.


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