Social Experiment: Abducting a Child

Here’s a clip about social awareness and keeping your children safe. “Don’t talk to strangers.” is a common teaching to children but how frequent is it being practiced? Here’s a guy raising awareness on child abduction, his name is Joey Salads. He is conducting an experiment which involves talking to a young boy or girl and see if they go with him.

Before proceeding to this act, he asked the parents on how often they tell their children to not talk to strangers. Every parent’s answers are the same, they are confident that their youngsters would not talk to a stranger or they would go back to them.

Video (c) YouTube | JoeySalads

I wouldn’t blame the kids for acting that way, they wouldn’t know what it’s like in the outside world yet. But that is not an excuse for not teaching a child about the dangers. Yes, the puppy is pretty convincing… at least that’s one of the other things we can teach our children about. The first two mothers couldn’t believe that their children just easily went off with a stranger. It’s really shocking to see how a man can easily take these kids and go somewhere.

The objective of this presentation is very helpful as it makes us to be more vigilant and be more self-aware towards the protection of our family. What do you think? Did the test gave us a lesson or two? Let’s be more attentive to the young and make sure that they will learn what the consequences are, just like how the last mom told her son about “not knowing that person and he needs to ask permission every time”.


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