Two Jet Pilots Fly Alongside an Emirates A380 Plane

Jetman Dubai in collaboration with Emirates Airlines showcases this exceptional flight formation in the skies of Dubai. This aerial performance is carefully choreographed by the experienced Jetman Dubai pilots Yves Rossy and Vince Reffet, including the world’s largest passenger aircraft. Conducted over the Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Skyline. Emirates A380 and Jetman Dubai teams made sure to coordinate every detail of this project.

We’ve shared these 2 pilots flying over the Dubai desert. Here’s another interesting video of them flying with an A380 aircraft. Watch the clip below:

Jetman Dubai and Emirates A380 Flight Formation

Video (c) YouTube | XDubai

This- indeed is a challenging performance, flying near a plane? Who knows… it could be dangerous for Yves and Vince, their lives are at stake, but the pilots of this airplane made sure that they are within their formation and made sure they do not collide with the jet packers. They are organized to the maximum level just to show what these Emirates are capable of doing. And executing a feat like this would surely leave a good impression to the viewers.

This presentation is very encouraging, they are promoting the airline experience to us, making sure that customers are properly taken care of. It’s something to look forward to! Especially Emirates A380 Hub offers a brand new travel experience with an amazing range of shops, dining outlets and world-class lounges, it is also the first facility of its kind in the world made especially for the growing fleet of Emirates A380s.

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