Jetmen Flight Exercise Over the Desert Dunes in Dubai

Meet Yves Rossy, a Swiss ex fighter pilot who holds the Guinness World Record as the first man to fly with a jet-propelled wing. He’s also known as Jetman. Here’s a video of him with flying partner Veres Zoltan, who is an Aerobatics Champion, as they perform some serious stunts over the Dubai desert.

Jetman Dubai, in partnership with XDubai, made this wonderful event possible for these two jetpackers which would leave viewers in awe of this memorable experience. They soar up high in the vast desert of Dubai and showcases some difficult maneuvers. See clip below:

Yves Rossy and Veres Zoltan Fly Over the Dubai Desert in Jetpacks

Video (c) YouTube | XDubai

It’s quite entertaining… why people decide to do crazy stunts, execute tricks or show off their professions in Dubai, is there a lovely charm placed here? Nevertheless, we can’t deny that this city is one of the most progressive places in the world that should be enough reason to make it happen. It’s awesome to see them fly over the sand dunes.

I also like how Yves started with a statement that it’s much greater to fly with another person. He may have the best experience to fly and be one with the wind, but it’s nicer share the experience with other enthusiasts.

I’m sure it would be the best feeling to fly! To me, it’s would be a dream come true if I will have the chance to rocket through the skies with a jetpack in tow. I’d be delighted if someone can sponsor me, no joking, I mean, we’ve seen base jumping, bungee jump and sky diving, but this is the next level. I hope they will open this to the public to feel what it’s like in the sky.


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