Base Jumpers Jump Off Dubai Marina’s Princess Tower

We’ve posted an article about 2 guys base jumping at the tallest building in Dubai; here’s another adrenaline-pumping base jump, but this time from the 2nd tallest residential building in Dubai – the Princess Tower. The groups XDubai and SkydiveDubai have collaborated with DreamJump to present these professional divers jumping off the building in Dubai Marina. In just a few days, 558 Base Jumps occurred, which is an exciting feat.

DreamJump Dubai

I like how this video was shot and edited by the videographers. You will surely feel the adrenaline when you watch the clip. It’s been a dream of mine to try something extreme like this. To some, this may be a nightmare but for some, it’s a dream come true.

The guy doing the zip line first was very thrilling and other guys did various stunts and exhibitions when jumping from the tower. Check out the team doing these aerial stunts during the base jump in the video below:

Base Jumping would be a thrilling moment. The extreme feeling you can get from free falling and seeing the view down below will surely leave you an unforgettable memory.

They say “You only live once” but safety is always first. If you are planning of trying this for yourself, try to think it over carefully first. For now, just enjoy the video and try if you won’t scream.

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