2 French Guys Base Jump from the Tallest Building in the World

Check out these 2 Soul Flyers base jump off the Burj Khalifa, tallest building in the world. French nationals, Fred Fugen and Vince Reffet, are professional jumpers who have been eyeing the Burj Khalifa and here’s a clip from Skydive Dubai showing these two flyers how it’s done.

Base jumping is similar to skydiving and bungee jump, diving down below from the top of the building and having a parachute equipped for your safety landing. It has been this duo’s dream to perform this extreme sport and you can sense their passion in turning this dream into a reality.

Base Jumping from Burj Khalifa

Instead of jumping off of a plane, base jumping usually takes place in a high platform, but similar to skydiving, you have a parachute to give you a safe landing. It would be a great adventure to accomplish this. The adrenaline rush, the moment to take in by falling to the ground.

Check out the short clip below.

When you check the start of the video, there’s a quick interview from these divers, they said that people discourage them, saying that they are crazy and that their lives are at stake here. But Fred said that they love to have fun and being scared is no way of having fun.

You could really feel their commitment, because at the end of the video, he said that they have to go through years of training and even compete with each other to make this a success.

If there’s one thing that could activate my adrenaline rush, it would be this kind of sport. I always have a fear of heights. I wouldn’t dare to look down from that height. But with proper training and guidance, I’m sure I could also act the same way these jumpers have showed.

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