Woman Eats 12 Pancakes in 7 Minutes!

12 Pancakes in 12 Minutes? This was a challenge done by Kate Ovens, a young woman from London who’s known for her love for food. Here’s a video clip of Kate mentioning the challenge, set up by The Breakfast Club, which consists of consuming 12 stacks of pancakes in no more than 12 minutes. Would you do it?

Kate Ovens not only likes food, she’s also ready to accept challenges of devouring huge burgers, pizzas, hotdogs, etc. in a specified time. If she can beat the competition, she pays no money to this establishment, if she fails, the money she will have to pay to a charity. It’s a win-win situation.

Kate Ovens Takes Pancake Food Challenge

Kate is really something! At 1:47 that she really went into it and had 3 stacks right away! What’s more is that she seems to maintain her poise while eating in a fast manner. She was able to complete this task in 7 minutes! I wish I have an appetite like that, you could enjoy going to restaurants and having a free meal if they offered challenges like this. See the result below.

You might lose your will just by looking at that plate, it’s a lot to take in, and she even said that the stack looked bigger in person. I would probably think too cause we could not tell how our appetite is measured. But watching Kate as she ate, it seemed that it’s pretty doable, especially with the whipped cream topped with berries would brighten the pile of pancakes. But most likely, I wouldn’t be having any meals during the next 2 days!

Kate has other YouTube videos from her channel with the same eating challenges like this. check out her channel here – Kate Ovens – YouTube

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