Watch a Science Teacher Light a Student’s Hand on Fire

Science is a a broad subject. One can think that it’s boring to learn from a scientist’s perspective but if you apply a bit of fun into it, it becomes amusing! Here’s a clip of a science teacher doing a ‘fire’ experiment to one of his students.

This activity took place in a science class where the teacher filled methane glass in a beaker full of soap bubbles. The teacher switched the lighter on and flames engulfed the boy’s hand!  It did not cause him any harm because methane gas is lighter than air, it just rose upwards.

Fire Experiment on a Science Class

I’ve always been a fan of magic. This science experiment gave me an idea how to conjure fire and it looked easy. There’s a lot more illusions or tricks we can get by studying science. This should make any other person want to learn more about how things work. I’m planning to look for a science fair at my nearest location. Check out the clip I’m talking about below.

That is just incredible! I was initially concerned about the boy’s hands and if the experiment would burn his skin and I also thought that the teacher would lose his career after performing this trick. It’s interesting what many applications you can do with science. It made the class get encouraged by witnessing this little stunt. I know that you will too!

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