Social Experiment: 65-year-old Man Marrying a 12-year-old Girl

In many different countries, marrying children at young age is legal. There are some states in the US have made it legal too. This presentation is a social experiment about a 65-year-old man and a 12-year-old girl together as bride and groom. YouTube star Coby Persin set up this video to see how the public reacts to an old man and a young girl having their photo taken in Times Square in New York.

For me, it would be very shocking to witness something like that. It may be common for people to marry a young child, but to see that video made me wonder who is right and who is wrong. It would be a hard argument for some especially when you don’t see this kind of sights on a normal day. I’m just happy to see that the people in New York are showing concern towards the girl, everybody clearly disapproves of him marrying the girl. Check out the video below:

Old Man Marrying Young Girl: A Coby Persin Social Experiment

We could see concerned citizens who are not agreeing to this kind of action. This is the purpose of YouTube star Coby Persin who arranged this awareness about child brides in all countries.

Seeing how people reacted to this kind of act on the streets of NY made me empathize with them. Especially Coby made it clear that these married children are being robbed off of their childhood. Life may be difficult and these youngsters will need to go through a lot of experience to appreciate life as what it should be. So what do you think? Do you agree to this kind of law set up?

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