See How an Elephant Mother Protects Her Calf

In a sunny day in South Africa there’s a mother elephant and her calf that passed by the road. A tourist filmed this majestic creature when the youngling was curious and tried to go near. Check how the elephant mom reacted when it was drawing nearer.

A mother’s love is always unconditional. You wouldn’t know what they went through or what they had to give up to nurture you unless your experience being a mother yourself. Their instinct is to make sure that you are safe, that would be their top priority. We know that this is a quality that comes naturally when a woman becomes a mother. This does not only apply to humans but to animals too. See the video below:

See how this elephant mother stopped the young elephant from walking towards the tourists. I could only say that the mom showed how she is being caring and loving to her own child. She’s not taking the risks of leading the young one to any possible danger. I respect that kind of action and I also owe that to my own mom. We may be scolded for what we do, good or bad but it’s for our good why they treat us like that.

There’s a saying “Mothers knows best”. So trust your mother, she’s your guidance to have an amazing life.

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