A Mother whose Son Died was Surprised to Hear that She’s the Topic Conversation in a Radio Station

A mother in Australia, who had recently lost her teenage son, was riding in her daughter’s car when she received a big surprise on the radio. She was listening to a popular Sydney morning show when she heard her name being called.

Her name is Michelle, who sadly lost her 19-year old son on December 1, 2015. Blaine died when he was working at the company’s turf. According to GoFundMe, he was riding a tractor and he somehow fell off because he had almost no room to move.

Blaine was a rugby player, his passion for playing this sport made a promising career. He always appreciated everything he had in his life. His family members don’t forget how handsome he is, how kind and how he was a loving man who would do what it takes to help out.

Grieving Mother in a Car Receives Surprise of Her Life from a Radio

After his death, Michelle was struggling to keep the pieces of her life together. She’s been traumatized and could not go back to work due to her grief, and bills are piling and she didn’t not know how to cope with her life.

Michelle’s children, namely Crystal, Jessica and Tom contacted The Kyle and Jackie O show to narrate her heartbreaking story. Then the show’s producers set up a hidden camera to see how she reacted to their arrangement.

It’s such a tragedy for Michelle to lose a family member, it’s a hard thing to accept. But life continues, I wouldn’t know how to cope or where to start if I were her. I’m happy to know that there are people who’re willing to help especially if you’re not yet ready to confront the problems.

Michelle can now take her time to grieve and acknowledge that her son is on a better place thanks to the kindness of the radio station. Her six months’ worth of mortgage payments are taken care of and also gave her 5000 USD to complete the renovation Blaine started outside their home before he passed away.

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