Modern Aladdin Picks up Jasmine with his Magic Carpet

Here’s a clip you don’t see everyday. Aladdin picks up Jasmine using his modern magic carpet. It’s indeed a whole new modern world with the guys from PrankvsPrank plying through the streets in San Francisco to recreate the magic carpet ride.

This video is awesome! Who does not want a flying carpet, right? I’m sure that their purpose was to entertain people, letting the audience see if this was some kind of magic or just a simple trick. And if you have watched closely to the carpet, it appears to be a skateboard. You might wonder how he managed to gain speed to go around the city? It’s actually an electronic skateboard.

Aladdin in San Fransico, CA

Watch Aladdin pick up Jasmine in San Fransisco below:

Video (c) YouTube | PrankvsPrank

They’ve completely touched our childhood back, I’m sure it puts a smile on your face when you see this clip. It’s quite amusing to experience the wonderful life of Disney on the streets. The people all took their cameras and phones to capture the moment, these are adults that we’re talking about.

Kudos to these people, they’ve shown their effort in producing this wonderful video, matching it with a remixed “A whole new world” song. Those are some things you don’t see every day. I wish there’s somebody who could do something like that, I’d have my cameras ready to treasure that event.

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