Homeless Man Receives $100, See How He Spends It

Being homeless is such a difficult situation to be in. However, it’s sometimes inevitable because there are things that you can’t control. Even if you may be placed in that position for whatever reason, this clip will help teach you not to lose hope.

There are people who are willing to help you out even though they only have much for themselves. This video made by Josh Paler Lin, who’s objective is to help the less fortunate people, shows how a homeless man spends $100 after receiving it.

See How the Homeless Man Spends His Money

Video (c) YouTube | Rumble Viral

That is shocking. I can’t believe that he shared the blessing that he just received. I also thought he’d buy some alcohol or liquor from that store, but instead, Thomas bought some food for the other homeless people. He’s an example of a “Good Samaritan”. Josh couldn’t watch any further and decided to talk to him. He said that he gets happiness to what he’s doing, which is very inspiring for me.

His background was very devastating, after sharing what he had gone through… I could not imagine myself overcome that kind of experience. It’s touching how he explained that there are people who are really in a tough position like him, his words were “Victims with circumstance”… he have met different kinds of people, where they didn’t become homeless because they were lazy and etc.. He said that one thing leads to another, it is hard and unfortunate but we have to accept it.

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