Watch How Deaf People React When they Hear for the First Time

Being deaf is not a choice, some people are not able to hear at birth. Some might be due to accidents or lack of self-care. Luckily, technology has innovated and there are ways and devices created where deaf people are given the ability to hear sound. In this video, we will now see how deaf people react for the first time.

Their reactions are genuine. They could not control their emotions… they are just simply overwhelmed. Every reaction leaves a smile on my face, it’s so amazing that almost all of them burst crying due to I can’t remember how it feels to hear for the first time but I know how difficult it is to communicate with another person if you can’t hear. Not only you’re having a hard time, but you’re also making it hard for that person to using sign language and other gestures. Check out the video below.

This is How Deaf People Respond When They Hear a Voice for the First Time

Video (c) YouTube | TechTicking

For me, the best reaction was the baby’s. It’s so cute how he transitioned from crying to smiling after hearing the people around him. What is the best reaction for you in this clip? I’m sure you can feel the moment when they heard their first sound.

It’s very inspiring to know that there are good people who invent or find ways to help people with disabilities. The only thing I can do to help these sorts of people is to be patient and be understanding with them. There are just some things in life which are the most beautiful things that we take for granted sometimes. And there may be a day, you’ll realize that you are thankful for what you have right now. So be kind to people you meet, we don’t know what kind of life they’ve gone through.

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