Video: The Spirit of Dubai

Dubai is a fast-progressing city and here’s a video from the Dubai Tourism team that shows various places in the city. It features different kinds of activities one can do while such as Skydiving, Scuba diving, Shopping, Kite surfing and etc. Watch the clip, be amazed and find what your inner desires are.

VisitDubai aims to promote tourism in the Emirate. It’s true that this video makes me want to explore the city even more. Going through its nooks and corners. There are still so much things one can do in this Mega City. This video just did its part in getting our attention and enticing us to venture in this place.

VisitDubai Video: The Spirit of Dubai

Video (c) YouTube | VisitDubai

The narration itself is showcasing the city in a poetic way, just like at the last part- “I am the spirit of possible…The Spirit of Dubai”. Indeed almost anything you can do in Dubai, it just makes you say wow! It’s not just any random commercial that you hear… they are putting this in public, exposing the great wonders of this majestic place.

The slogan at the end of the video says “Discover all that’s possible.” Dubai is a city waiting to be discovered and you can see many possible experiences you can get if you plan your visit in this city!

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