7 Places to Visit in Dubai

The UAE (United Arabian Emirates) consists of seven emirates including Dubai, which is the second biggest emirate after Abu Dhabi in terms of land area and it is the most populous city among the emirates. As a visitor, you have plenty of options of attractions and places to visit. Here we list down some of the most common tourist spots. Don’t worry, the city is definitely safe and welcoming to tourists.

In Dubai, you can find the world’s tallest structure – Burj Khalifa, also the world’s biggest shopping mall – Dubai Mall, and many attractive places that you won’t hesitate to visit more than once.

7 Tourist Attractions You Must Visit in Dubai

There are many reasons to visit Dubai but here we share some top tourist spots many travellers often mark to check out and see.

1. The Dubai Mall

It’s like a paradise for shoppers with more than 1200 retail outlets and numerous entertainment facilities, The Dubai Mall is one of the greatest choice that you should visit. You can visit the Dubai Aquarium, the largest aquarium in the world as it has thousands of species which can’t be found in anywhere else. There’s also structures like the waterfalls area with human diving sculptures, Dubai Dino, Fashion Avenue, etc.

2. Burj Khalifa

The tallest structure in the world pierces the sky at 828 meter can’t be skipped from any program to visit Dubai with its gorgeous views and journey with the elevator to 148th floor. No need to climb the tallest tower as the At The Top Experience would already be enough for any type of tourist.

3. Jumeirah Beach

If you are one of water sports enthusiasts, then you should take Jumeirah Beach into your consideration. With its calm and beautiful turquoise water it attracts many people to enjoy their time.

4. Dubai Marina

The world’s largest man-made marina, its fabulous lighting colors and sky scrappers of Dubai made it an ideal tourist destination

5. Ski Dubai

When it’s too hot outside, go to Mall of the Emirates – Ski Dubai, the first ski center in the Middle East to enjoy the snowball fights and toboggan runs.

6. Dubai Museum

If you want to see the old Dubai, the museum offers a glimpse of the monumental city, it will take you on a journey through 1950s, also it has the old building in Dubai – Fahidi Fort, which was used as a defensive station.

7. The Dubai Fountain

Shooting the water 150m into the air will be a wonderful view to watch accompanied with many world musics.


We hope you find the above-mentioned list helpful in planning your stay in Dubai. There’s plenty more to see but these are the most common and sure-fire hit attractions that you and your family will enjoy when you come and travel to this side of the Middle East. Enjoy your short stay and do come back for more places to see!

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