Video: How the Dubai Water Canal was Built

Can the map of a city be changed forever? Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum — ruler of Dubai and prime minister (and vice-president) of the United Arab Emirates — proves it can with the most extensive construction development Dubai has seen: the Dubai Water Canal.

Extending over nine kilometers of water, the canal bridges the gap between the Arabian Gulf and Dubai Creek. Over 10 million cubic meters of earth was excavated for this project.

Image Screenshot: (c) YouTube | Dubai Holding

The Making of Dubai Water Canal Video

Joining the Arabian Gulf and the Dubai Creek with a 9 kilometer canal, Dubai’s landscape has been transformed again. The water has always been an integral part of the economy of the region and its importance has been reassured for upcoming generations. This helps them understand that this may be no easy task, but in Dubai, it can be done.

The Sheikh’s vision was brought to fruition by investment company Dubai Holdings and property development corporation Dubai Properties. The canal’s construction has led to the development of the Marasi Business Bay: featuring the Executive Towers and the Bay Square with its stunning architecture and wealth of recreational opportunities.

The video above provides a brief overview of the canal’s origin and development; a glimpse of future developments — including homes built directly atop the water; and beautiful shots of Dubai, featuring its awe-inspiring architecture and landscapes (or waterscapes).

The canal — and all of the expansions brought about with its construction — add to the already-long list of why Dubai is hailed as one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

The challenges were met by dedicated and top-notch professionals to build this amazing new water structure that had changed the area. This water canal in Dubai is something that its residents can be proud of and see that anything is possible.

Image Screenshot: (c) YouTube | Dubai Holding

In a nation that never stops innovating, this marvel has changed the map of the city (again). Remember that this area was all sand before and roads and buildings were set up. Now it’s even further developed.

Business and entertainment venues, retail outlets, shopping, floating restaurants, recreation, etc. This is definitely a good sign for everyone in making sure that Dubai stays at the top of its game. It has driven the development of Business Bay district and will provide more projects to be created which means more jobs for people and more opportunities for development in the future.

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