RTA Dubai is Using Robots to Clean the Metro Stations

In a bid to become the smartest city in the world, the emirate has been constantly using technology and integrating it into everyday lives. Recently, the government launched two robots to clean the metro stations.

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RTA Dubai, the Roads & Transport Authority (the entity handling public transportation and road system), has implemented the use of artificial intelligence to have new techniques driven by robot technology. This is part of the goal of becoming a “Smart” Dubai.

robots dubai metro station

Smart Dubai with RTA Using Artificial Intelligence Technology to Clean the Dubai Metro Stations

This is really interesting knowing that the robot is designed with international standards, and is highly effective and efficient in reducing the amount of water used in cleaning, and providing a great level of sterilizing.

robots clean metro station dubai

It can also be pre-set to perform automated cleaning patterns of floors, without human intervention except for limited and simple steps such as adding water and programming. The programming can be reset to enable the robot to clean floorings of complex designs.

For anyone using the Dubai Metro, it’s really a great step for the public to take advantage and see how developed the city is and can definitely compete in the global perspective. Now we’re wondering what new technologies will be implemented anytime soon.

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