10 Craziest Things to do in Dubai

Dubai always welcome people with open arms despite their age, nationality or even culture all people are welcomed here and will find the maximum level of enjoyment. Some of its highlights include the sight of the charming buildings like Burj Khalifa, the tallest structure in the world.

Dubai also boasts to have seven star hotels like Burj Al-Arab, the tallest hotel in the world, and the amazing huge shopping malls and the luxury lifestyle that will be suitable for any person. With all the mentioned above, there are still many crazy things can be done in Dubai.

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Outrageous Activities to do in Dubai

Below are some crazy things to do in Dubai. Be advised that by the time you might read the list, it might be outdated already because the emirate is always coming up with ways to have the ‘-est’ – best, biggest, tallest, craziest (and other superlatives).

1- iFly Dubai

iFly Dubai provides you with experience to the closest thing to flying with all safety measures, you can fly four meter above ground. It has the first ever double and vertical wind tunnel in the world.


2- Flyboarding

Water sports is one of the most popular things to do in Dubai and many celebrities already tried it in Dubai like Tom Cruise and this sport is getting very popular among tourists.


3- Skydiving

Dubai has become a hot destination to sky divers from all over the world, you can enjoy a 13,000 feet skydive with an incredible experience for both experienced and beginners.


4- Diving with Sharks

This requires the maximum courage to dive with 750 pounds with 300 sharp teeth sharks, you can try this out at Dubai Mall and have the experience to dive in its underwater zoo.


5- Swimming with Dolphins

If  you prefer a little risk but still want to take the experience so there’s still an opportunity to swim with dolphins that is suitable for any age and any swimming ability, dolphin Bay offers to you this opportunity.


6- Atlantis Underwater Suite

Sleeping underwater with thousands of marines creatures is one of the amazing things that Dubai has.


7- Body Treatment with Chocolate

In Dubai, you can find many chocolate spa treatments as it is believed that chocolate is helpful for relaxation.


8- Gold Mask Treatment

Dubai is renewing one of the ancient Egyptians’ old habit which is healing the face with gold mask as they believe gold is rich in antioxidants, tightens skin reducing sun damages.


9- Bungee Jumping

Dubai has the first bungee jumping of its kind in the UAE, you can jump from 50 meters high like jumping from the 16th floor but you have the option to increase the height as you request.


10- Getting married at Burj Al-Arab Helipad

Imagine you are getting married at the top of the tallest hotel in the world, it might be one of the luxurious wedding ever.


Share with us what do you want to do in Dubai.

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