Mario Kart Flash Mob inside a Mall

A group of people dressed as Mario, Luigi and other characters in the Mario Kart franchise went to a mall and started racing using an electronic kart through the stores and passing by shoppers and even security personnel. They chose the mall as a “map” of their game, there are obstacles, and even the elevator is part of it. The purpose is to entertain people or express themselves in their own artistic way.

The karts are really amazing, you could actually drift and it does not look dangerous! (Hopefully not) I’d love to have a kart like that to play and race with them. It’s awesome how everybody drove their karts so swiftly and are able to manage through the limited pathway. What made this game more interesting were the use of power ups or items, just like how Mario threw a banana behind which made Yoshi lose control of his kart.

Mario, Luigi and Friends Go Kart inside a Mall

Video (c) YouTube | Base37

I like their concept, it’s very creative and they put up costumes to add more life to what they are doing and to basically attract the public. But it’s risky, because flash mobs are usually stopped by the police force to ensure the public health and safety. That might be part of the fun, putting yourself in danger, what is life without risks right?

There might be different flash mobs you’ve seen but this is certainly the best for me, it brings the childhood back, they put a story behind that performance. I’d be happy to participate if there was an event like this near my place, I’d feel the adrenaline and have the chance to stand out.


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