World Record: Eagle Flight from Burj Khalifa

Dubai is clearly a beautiful city in the UAE. We’ve already seen many point of views from up high, like a man bungee jumping, from skydiving, to a man flying up high and etc. This time, in a bird’s eye view, we are going to experience what this Mega City looks like when a camera is attached to an eagle. Darshan, the Imperial Eagle has received a world record for flying at the top of the highest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa.

Freedom Conservation has set up this video as a courtesy to raise awareness of the endangered bird of prey. See and enjoy the clip below:

Eagle, Darshan, Flies from the Tallest Building in the World

Video (c) YouTube | FREEDOM

This Mega City is simply amusing, how it looks from above just leaves us in awe for how impressive Dubai is as we speak. Every angle is an unforgettable picture, it leaves a positive memory of how great it is from up high. The eagle’s dive was so intense, that it felt the pressure of the wind. If you have your headphones on and in front of a blowing try closing your eyes and imagine that you are the eagle. I tried it myself and what crossed my mind was the great city below, enjoying the bigger picture.

It is nice how they made the camera lens looked just like a sight of a bird. You would know how Darshan experienced when it’s gliding… then descending back to its caretaker. The feeling should be the same, especially a camera is equipped to this big bird. It’s a great relationship between this eagle and the caretaker, as we can see at (0:49), he started to signal the eagle to come down and rest, the eagle then adhered to the gesture.

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